A bit about me

I am a software engineer and tinkerer. I make things.

I’m on Mastodon.


This site is intended to be a “book format” gathering of my CV, resume and projects. I wanted something more than a one page site and find that blogs are messy and unwieldy for the type of content I wish to host here.

I have an MS in Computer Science from CSU Channel Islands and BSE in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Northern Arizona University.

I have always has a fascination for the inner workings of things. Originally, I was mostly interested in figuring out how devices worked in order to better understand how to replicate, repair or use them in novel ways. I often took anti-tampering attempts as a challenge and always enjoy the puzzle of understanding designs.


I started my journey in automotive with misguided attempts at modifying a 1997 Ford Ranger 2.3L. It was a losing proposition doing anything with that truck and I eventually ended up getting a 2001 VW GTI 1.8T. The GTI was my first real venture into the tuning world. Coming from a mechanical background I was frustrated by the amount of electronics involved. Once again, I took the desire to understand as a challenge.

I went on to earn my BSE from Northern Arizona University, motivated by the desire to understand automotive electronics and software. While at NAU I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Dresden University of Applied Sciences and work in their electric vehicle research laboratory.


I became interested in security research due to the fact that in the process of doing my job reverse engineering and modifying systems, most of the resources and mentors I found were working in security fields. When I was learning IDA my mentors were malware researchers. When I was trying to understand the reverse engineering of communications protocols, most of the books were written from a cybersecurity point of view.



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