High-Altitude Balloons

High-Altitude Balloons


I designed the first revisions of the standalone and Arduino compatible PCBs for the Trackuino project. The blog post for my final Trackuino design can be found here.

I was instrumental in the development of the platform and am proud of the fact that the first launches of the Trackuino were successfully tracked and recovered. Here is the blog post of the maiden voyage just north of Los Angeles.

The project was started in Spain by Javier Martin and I became involved after reading a blog post were he was looking for assistance in laying out a circuit board. Admittedly, the first revision of the PCB was not very elegant due to excessive test points and nested footprints to accommodate multiple component options.


Trackuino V1

The final revision of the Trackuino evolved from a standalone PCB into a shield that mounts into a standard Arduino and was quite compact.


During the course of creating my own boards I started selling small quantities of extra PCBs and modules to other members of the ballooning community.


The following photo shows Port Hueneme to the right and Camarillo in the bottom left corner.

Port Hueneme

This photos shows Lake Piru bottom center and Lake Castaic directly above with the I-5 grapevine is in between the two.