Validation of emails

Validation of emails

Jun 25, 2020


There has been much interest in the process of finding emails and their owners. I have stumbled across a method to determine if an email have been used through the Google Contacts app. I will add a page to my projects for the small commandline application I have written to perform the procedure.

  1. Find at the minimum, the first and last name of the target as well as the domain name that the emails are suspected to be associated with.
  2. Next put this info into the emaval tool. A contact list CSV will be generated.
  3. Import the list into Google Contacts.
  4. Look for the avatars on the various contact to be filled in.
    • You can reverse image search the avatars for more info on the contact in question.
    • Any emails known to Google should reveal some information.


Basic usage is described in the following snippet.

$./emaval list --first=John --last=Doe